Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2018, Page: 1-7
Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology Education for Self-Reliance and Economic Diversification
Ibrahim Muhammad Shamsuddin, Science Department, Maude International Schools, Zaria, Nigeria
Adamu Tairu Arome, Biology Department, Federal College of Education, Zaria, Nigeria
Ibrahim Aminu, Science Department, Infinity Schools, Zaria, Nigeria
Received: Sep. 5, 2017;       Accepted: Jan. 2, 2018;       Published: Jan. 30, 2018
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijem.20180201.11      View  1415      Downloads  107
Science education which is the application of educational (learning) theories in the endless search for knowledge, resulting in the development of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains through some systematic processes involving careful observation, deduction and testing by empirical means is a sure tool for the promotion of development of any state. This is because the application of its knowledge will enable its beneficiaries to solve the ever occurring challenges of life in society. One of the fundamental principles in National Policy on Education is to engender knowledge, effort, skill and well-being of citizens for national development. Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology Education in Nigeria incorporates industrial development, provide institutional framework for economic efficiency and reduce technological dependence on developed nations. In spite of this, its proper development in the country appears elusive due to the government underfunding of the entire education sector resulting in the non-actualization of the its science education dreams in the country,. This paper highlights the concept of Entrepreneurship, science and technology education, self-reliance for sustainable development, strategies for enhancing science and technology, and recommendations for the enhancement of science and technology for self-actualization.
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Science and Technology Education, Sustainable Development, Self-Reliance
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