Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2017, Page: 63-69
Management Change and Human Resources in the Organisation
Benamar Soumia, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Management Economics, University ABOU BEKR BELKAID, Tlemcen, Algeria
Received: Apr. 18, 2017;       Accepted: May 2, 2017;       Published: Jul. 3, 2017
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijem.20170103.11      View  1810      Downloads  398
Working in a corporation or with a large organization may definitely lead you to hear the expression "management change" that is used from time to time. In fact, management change has become vehementl6y popular with organizations or corporations that would like to initiate significant change that can include both work tasks and culture at the same time. This kind of change is generally embodied in the employment of a set of processes that aim at the insurance of a significant and systematic change which is supposed to be controlled regularly.One of the main goals of managementchangeregards to the workers who may not accept it easily, since the human capacity and energy thatare relied on to effectuate the necessary change may resist or react against the change and thus affect the efficiency or the accomplishment of the wished change. Consequently, to avoid this kind of problems, consistent efforts and adequate preparation are required so as to convince the workers and make them believe in the importance and the productivity of this change and insist until they accept to put it in use.The administration of both change management and human resources have become an important factor which are needed to obtain some competitive advantages. The change however, should affect both the moral (mood) of the workers and the material of the factory, since they represent the backbone of it. In other words the responsible should take into account the material side i.e. the inclusion of recent technology and new strategies in addition to the abstract side i.e. the workers and the culture that prevails the factory. Thus, how can we assure a successful change in human resources?
Management Change, Human Resources, Corporate Culture
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